The Galaxy from an Astronaut’s Point of View

milky way

I am one of those twitter user who’s a follower of Reid Weisman. I love all of his Fantastic Photos. In fact the one posted above is one of his own. As you can see from the above Picture, what you are seeing is our own Galaxy where Reid was facing on that direction taking that photo. As you can see the combination of Billions of stars that shapes the entire Milky Way though of course only at least thousand are visible since those others are no longer visible with this photograph. You will notice at the right center of the picture is the super giant star, Antares, and right next to it is our nearest neighbor, Planet Mars. Would you believe there are at-least six robots currently running on it’s surface? Space dust are also visible, those dark lanes are indeed what they call as “space dust”, each stars are scattered in perhaps billions or trillions of kilometers from each other.

This photo illustrates not just our galaxy, but perhaps mankind at it’s best. Who would thought that mankind would reach this far in a short span of time. The view from this space station where the photo was taken was more than enough proof that we have the knowledge and resources to explore beyond the horizons as long as we have the will to do it. Reid was at the right place at the right time to take that photo and share with Us his Knowledge and experience from outer space.

I have taken a look at this photo not just once or twice and I can’t hide my amazement about the beauty of our galaxy. Imagine that as time goes by, we can reach between the trillion spaces of each stars.

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